An honest Save My Marriage Today Review from someone that NOW enjoys a great marriage thanks to Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch. Find out if this is a scam?

My Story

Hello, this is Allan; I wanted to show my appreciation for you to read my review about:

‘Save My Marriage Today Guide’.

save my marriage todayI am 26 years old and have been married for about 3 years, I have a 3 year old boy, as opposed to a couple months back we’re very happy now and I really wanted to help anyone who is going through what I went, and recommend what really worked for me.

I know a little about computers and the internet and it came easy for me to share my story with you because I’ve seen a lot of married couples struggling just as I was in the past, and the sole reason that I used Save My Marriage Today Guide program and were able to overcome our problems and ultimately avoiding the divorce.

If you’re looking for an answer to save your marriage as soon as possible, you came to the right place; I am providing you an honest review of Amy Waterman and Andy Rusbatch ‘Save My Marriage Today Guide’, you definitely came to the right place.


I wanted to give you a little insight on how I managed to overcome a divorce a couple months back, actually my wife and I, we didn’t even talk to each other anymore, not even said hi or kissed, the only reason that we were living still in the same place was because of our son. But things were becoming worst every day, she is a little bit explosive so when we had a discussion she used to scream from the top of her lungs and cursing me in front of our son.

The day came that we couldn’t take it anymore and I actually started to look out for a lawyer and started the process to file for a divorce, it broke my heart to separate from my son but, it was best for him, at least at that time I thought that.

At the moment she saw that it was real, she really decided that she wanted to maintain our marriage, but I was so mad at her that I denied any attempt for her to save what was left of us. I actually had purchased and read the guide from Amy Waterman and Andy Rusbatch ‘Save My Marriage Today’ like 2 weeks before this happened, but I never applied anything on the guide, so it really didn’t worked for me, because I was lazy and my ego felt that was at the top of the Everest; I really wanted her to make the change, but she never did until the end.

When she exposed her wishes to fix our problems, I told her about what I had done in the past about purchasing and reading the ‘Save My Marriage Today Guide’ and what I learnt about it, it was very powerful because now, we both had the intention to make our marriage go stronger and save it at the last.

We wrote a list of stuff that we didn’t like about each other, situations that we didn’t like, and stuff like that, things that eventually I learned from ‘Save My Marriage Today Guide’ and that was the first step to saving our marriage, actually before talking to her and making the list, I never thought of wanting to kiss her again, but when we talked without screaming and without any negative stuff around, I just wanted to kiss her and hug her like it was the first time, it was a very emotional moment, that happened a couple of months back and now we’re enjoying every moment, and I really know it can happen for you.

I just hope it does not happen to you, that our pride is bigger than our intention to actually making a change, like it happened with me (I purchased the guide, learnt everything, but never applied it with her), so it was really as if I never purchased anything.

Hopefully my review and my story helps you find out that Amy Waterman and Andy Rusbatch are not the type of people that write just to have something to sell, but for real want to help other couples fix their problems and save their marriages.

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