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How to keep your marriage in good standing

How to keep your marriage in good standing

save my marriage today reviewIn this section we will learn that everything is in our minds and why the marriage isn’t as good as it was in the first years. The reason that this tends to happen is because we get into monotony in our lives, we live by the day and routine is part of everything, every day it is like the same, we meet with our partners at night, we spend very few time with our family and when we have time to spend it with our beloved ones, we find excuses to do something different and then what happens is that we’re wondering if we need relationship advice or marriage counseling.

A lot of the things that I learnt from Amy Waterman and Andy Rusbatch ‘Save My Marriage Today Guide’ was focused on one core principle which is communication, everything turns around communication and you also need to be very focused on other areas.

How to save my marriage? is the question that we ask ourselves every day, and that’s because we really want to keep up with our partner, we think that love is gone, but the truth is that love is still there and will always be, it’s just the flame that is in low status at this moment, and the way to avoid this from happening is: accept that we’re wrong, that probably we’re doing things the opposite way that our partners like, and take all your ego away. One thing that happened to me a lot was to think that I was always right and she was always wrong, and that’s a big LIE, we’re blind because of our ego. It may be that they have something or they’re doing something wrong but everything can be solved by an effective communication and it may save you from thinking later that you have an unhappy marriage.

Communication is the only action that will keep our marriage alive because without it, everything is lost with it, we have to communicate with our partners and talk about everything that we feel is right or everything that we feel is wrong, we have to arrange an understanding on how we will make things go better in the relationship maybe visit a marriage counselor, maybe with the kids, etc. But most importantly we have to understand that we’re not always right, and even if we are we have to let it go, marriage is not about one of us, it is about a couple, it is like a couples therapy, it is about love and partnership and everything should happen in benefit of both.

If you are married and you’re having relationship problems with your marriage, it may be because you think only in yourself, we forget about our couple and do things without knowing how we’re going to affect our couple. We have to be very careful about this because when respect is lost, also trust is gone, and when trust is gone it is very difficult to make things right.

I am going to make emphasis in communication, please communicate effectively with your partner, don’t think on how to save your marriage, just think about communication and that will come by itself, expose everything that you don’t agree with and have your partner do the same, find the opportunity areas for yourself and improve them, remember that this have to be done by both, so communicating with your partner is the key to make this exercise happen.

When you’re to focused thinking how to save a marriage, things may look overwhelming for you, you have to let go the anger and start living happy with your partner, AGAIN, remember about communication, most importantly you have to convey what you like and don’t like about her as well as the things you like and don’t like her doing.

Good luck and my best wishes with your marriage hope that this was helpful and see you around.

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